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Things to do in Nashville

Nashville is a city full of life. It is a city that smells of delicious food and fun country music. It is a city surrounded by...

Antidote Health

Antidote Health has been so helpful for me! In this age of getting sick very easily and quickly, it seems that quick access to a doctor...


I recently heard about the brand called Liberex and I read up on some of their facial/oral care tools. So one major concern recently I’ve...


When I heard about these shoes I instantly was so excited! Finally sustainable shoes that are incredibly comfortable. I read all about...

South Shore Fine Linens

I recently received a set of South Shore Fine Linens in the color grey. I have always owned just white sheets that you can buy anywhere...


Hi guys! Another day, another blog post! I wanted to write a blog about Yukonola Granola. This is the absolute best granola I have ever...

Hydro-Shotz Pre Workout

Do you feel like most days having the motivation to workout is almost non existent? The thought of going to the gym when it’s cold and...

Ultimate Puerto Rico Trip

In the midst of a global pandemic, travel can be very difficult to do. Noah and I were hopeful to take a trip in which we felt safe and...

Chicago, Chicago💕

Oh Chicago, the city I love so much. The city I lived in while I got my bachelors degree. Chicago is the city that there are always fun...


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