• Taylor Allen

Antidote Health

Antidote Health has been so helpful for me! In this age of getting sick very easily and quickly, it seems that quick access to a doctor can be difficult. With Antidote Health you can call with a doctor 24/7 using the app quickly, easily from wherever you are.

At Antidote Health they are proud to provide easy access to affordable acute and primary care using telehealth!

Quality healthcare does not need to be expensive. Your family deserves the highest quality care available and our team of highly qualified doctors across the country combined with our patient-first technology make that a reality.

With Antidote Health you can visit a doctor within 20 minutes! And it’s just $49 per visit! Right now for $29 a month to see a dr, multiple visits included, and no hidden fees!

Another awesome feature is they send your prescription to your nearest pharmacy! I have made several appointments through Antidote Health and they have taken such care of me!

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