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Chicago, Chicago💕

Oh Chicago, the city I love so much. The city I lived in while I got my bachelors degree. Chicago is the city that there are always fun things to do and delicious food to eat.

My weekend in Chicago recently started off in arriving at the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stayed in: Swissotel Chicago.

Noah and I arrived Thursday evening, unpacked our items and went to bed. Friday morning we woke up early and explore Swissotel Chicago.

Pictured below is the building, our room, the workout room, and the restaurant there!

our bathroom view!

After getting ready we went to our first coffee shop! It’s one of my favorites because of the sparkles and it’s tasty! We go to Goddess and the Baker and it’s only a few blocks from our hotel.

ps another yummy and fun one is the charcoal latte at Limitless Coffee.

After getting our coffee fix we went on a little Magnificent Mile stroll. Swissotel is just a block from Magnificent Mile so we were able to stop at our favorites. The Bean, Nutella Cafe for a snack, and a few of our favorite stores.

Next, we took another coffee stop at the Starbucks Reserve which is right on Magnificent Mile and this Starbucks is TOTALLY worth going to. Noah and I both got Nitro Cold Brews and the cups to go are reusable.

After this, we drove to the West Loop AKA the yummiest part of Chicago to eat. This is my favorite part of the city to get food. Some of the restaurants are world known and are on the Food Network such as Girl and the Goat. Also, the international Mcdonalds is here.

We personally love food trucks so we got authentic tacos from Hectors Taco truck.

ps I took this following photo on our last visit to Chicago. This giant door is located in the West Loop.

Our feet started to hurt pretty badly so we decided to sit by the river and take in the beautiful views. There are so many places to sit along the river so no worries trying to find the perfect view/seat.

After this Noah and I went back to Swissotel to freshen up for dinner. We walked to dinner from our hotel to an unlimited Sushi restaurant in Lincoln Park called Sushi Para II and I wish so bad I took more pictures of the food! But I HIGHLY suggest this place to eat. Also the Lincoln Park zoo is my favorite zoo ever and it’s free. It’s right by Sushi Para II.

here is our Edamame and then ice cream for dessert.

After a beautiful and long day we watched a movie and enjoyed the evening view from Swissotel.

The next morning we actually ate breakfast at a friend’s house but in the past we will eat at Yolk because that is my all time favorite Chicago breakfast restaurant. After this we walked to the Chicago Theatre. this theatre is so fun and it’s on a street filled with other theaters that previously saw Broadway shows such as Aladdin, Hamilton, Wicked, and many more. YOU HAVE TO SEE A BROADWAY SHOW! This is a Chicago must.

Time for a donut stop! My favorite donut spot in Chicago is Stans Donuts. They are everywhere. One is right by Swissotel.

Next we did another walk through Millennium Park to Maggie Daley which is where there are beautiful views of the city and a huge playground.

right by Maggie Daley is the Chicago Marina. This is also near Navy Pier. I didn’t photography Navy Pier other than this view from our hotel room. Navy Pier has a beautiful indoor botanical garden, a Ferris Wheel, tons of restaurants, boat rides, and shops.

Next we walked down Dearborn street to see some beautiful fall homes. This is one of my favorite spots to see fall foliage in the city.

Another one of my favorite restaurants is Q and it’s on this street. It has the best Brisket in the city.

Sadly, we had to head home but we stopped at Portillo for a world famous Cake Shake! So yummy. We loved our stay here and only wish it was longer.

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