• Taylor Allen

Hydro-Shotz Pre Workout

Do you feel like most days having the motivation to workout is almost non existent? The thought of going to the gym when it’s cold and gloomy seems less than appealing am I right? I have been on the hunt for a non Whey Pre workout powder. My stomach does not respond well oftentimes to Whey protein due to the dairy in it. I have also found that some pre workouts make me very jittery. I found online a pre workout that is organic and NO dairy or anything harmful.

I read all about this pre work out and fell in love! this pre workout is plant based. The ingredients are turmeric, coconut sugar, maca powder, and beets! These are all ingredients that are very good for you! This all natural energy has motivated me to workout even on the coldest and gloomiest of days! I don’t feel too caffeinated after drinking it and my stomach feels just fine! This pre workout is Noah and my go to.

So if you are feeling little to no motivation I suggest you to try out this pre workout! you won’t regret it! I have linked it here so you can buy it too!

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