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Metricool: The Ultimate Social Media Tool

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

When I heard about Metricool I was incredibly intrigued as to what it all had to offer. As a slow growing influencer, I need all the tools that I can get to help my profile grow and create a solid audience.

By this point in this blog you are probably wondering what Metricool is and what does it do?

With Metricool you are able to analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence. For me specifically, my two main social media focuses are my blog and my Instagram.

If you are an influencer, marketer, or own any type of business, I HIGHLY suggest you to try out Metricool. The first item on the website is under the Evolution tab where you can see all of your growth and demographics. This is helpful for me to see what my followers have been enjoying as far as content goes. I have had a pretty steady increase this past week as I have started using hashtags and I also did a giveaway!

So you can see that in this past week I have gained 219 followers and on average have gained 7.3 followers a day. Next, when you scroll down on that same page you can view your audience demographics. If you are ever working with companies, they will oftentimes ask you what your demographics are. I have 79% females from ages 25-34 as my greatest demographic, so then I know to focus my content on clothing, beauty, and travel.

This chart makes things super clear and easy to use when sending companies all of your information! This also shows where your demographics are from! Since I am from Detroit, the highest percent of my followers are from Detroit area. That is shown here too!

Next, is my favorite section! This next section shows all of the juicy information I need to know for companies I work with and whether what I am doing is working or not. This section shows your reach, profile views, website clicks, and posts. It shows month by month. Here is mine below!

Then, you can see your interactions as well! This shows likes, comments, and saved posts!

This month, my page has grown a lot! So this tool is helpful for me to see what hashtags and methods to use. It shows if things are growing or if they are declining.

My next tool I use is to plan my posts. This tool is under the Planning tab. Here I upload my post and I will be posting with the link attached and it shows if engagement is good or bad. This tool helps keep me organized so I don’t forget to upload a super important sponsored post.

I plan to post today at 3pm and I have everything all ready for it!

Lastly, I use the hashtag tool! This tool shows your hashtags and the growth around this hashtag tool too.

Metricool is such a helpful tool and I recommend everyone to use it! I have linked here Metricool for you to have a free trial!

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