• Taylor Allen

South Shore Fine Linens

I recently received a set of South Shore Fine Linens in the color grey. I have always owned just white sheets that you can buy anywhere that has never really felt that comfortable. When I was looking through the website, I saw this grey set with deep pockets. I have issues often with my sheets coming off the bed and it feels very uncomfortable. A darker color with deep pockets was what sold me to South Shore Fine Linens!


As soon as I received this sheet set, I fell in love! This 6 piece, deep pocket sheet set is the most comfortable sheet set that I have ever owned in my life! All of these years I have purchased cheap fabric sheets that don’t stay put and also feel uncomfortable. I am blown away by just how comfortable these sheets are. My husband and I have convinced many of our family members to also purchase this sheet set due to how amazing it is!

They grey color is a perfect, beautiful shade. It matches with the rest of my bedroom and it is easy to wash.

Some of the details of these sheets are that the material is high quality 110 GSM Microfiber. Is includes a 21-inch extra deep pocket depth. And the set Includes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, and 4 Pillowcases.

When you touch the sheets, immediately you feel that it is soft and smooth. These sheets are comfortable, easy to wash, long lasting, a wonderful color, and stay tucked in.

Click the link in the photo today to also purchase South Shore Fine Linens!

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