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Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A few weeks back I heard about the Tri-Core Ultimate Foam Cervical Support Pillow. I was incredibly unhappy with my current pillow and I would wake up often with my neck in pain. I read about this pillow and decided this would be the best fit for my needs. I decided I must have this pillow!

This pillow is the most unique pillow I have ever had in my life! For starters this pillow allows the user to have up to 6 different options that you can rest your head. There are four ways you can lay on your back and two that you can lay on your side. When the pillow first arrived there is a tag that shows these different positions one could have. It is marked A, B, C, D.

A and B positions are less aggressive support and have a shallow head cradle.

C and D are aggressive supports and a deeper head cradle. I personally like A the best as I find it most comfortable! If you feel one of these positions is slightly uncomfortable then simply increase of decrease the cervical correction.

My first evening I believe I tried using the C position but realized I felt most comfortable with A. These are all positions for back sleepers.

For side sleepers there are two different height options that you can chose which is most comfortable. For me when I sleep on my side I prefer the lower height. The height of the lower side is 2.5 inches and the height of the heigher side is 4 inches. A benefit of this pillow for a side sleeper is the possibility to help provide jaw pain relief. I added the pictures below of the pillow with the cover off so you can see the detail of this pillow.

A+B side

C + D is pictured below.

For me personally, I was having such bad neck pain and every now and again I would have headaches from bad sleep. This pillow actually has totally reduced both for me. In fact, my husband went and bought one for himself so he could have a better night‘s rest. Not having a headache or neck pain and a better night of sleep is a win for me!

Naturally a firm pillow freaked me out! I have always had a fluffy one. But now sleeping on this pillow I don’t know if I could ever go back. Also, this pillow has a 10 year warranty on it!! So a question that could be asked is, “what if I’m allergic to what it’s made out of?” This pillow actually is hypoallergenic and latex free. The pillow cover that the pillow comes with is machine washable too!

All in all, this pillow is amazing! I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a great night’s sleep. It’s so nice to finally wake up feeling refreshed and knowing I will not have a sore neck, headache, or occasional jaw pain.

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