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Ultimate Puerto Rico Trip

In the midst of a global pandemic, travel can be very difficult to do. Noah and I were hopeful to take a trip in which we felt safe and healthy. When I checked flights and countries/territories that were open to travel to, we found great tickets to Puerto Rico. Michigan winters can be brutal so we were so excited to travel somewhere warm. (the pic below is from Courtyard Marriott in San Juan).


If you are curious as to what the protocols per Covid are, I can tell you! You are on the right blog post. You have to get a molecular test done no more than 72 hours from when you land. I received mine 12 hours after getting the test done. Once you receive your results, you upload them into the Travel Declaration. You must fill out this form prior to landing. Once you land and grab your luggage, you show the workers your declaration with your Covid results. Puerto Rico is very strict on wearing masks at all times in public areas and any building you enter in or tour, you must have your temperature checked. Noah and I felt very safe.


We landed in the morning and our flight from Detroit to San Juan was 4 hours and 20 minutes. The flight went by so fast. When we arrived we took an Uber to our hotel that we stayed at. And met the manager and some staff. Everyone was so incredibly kind! And the view of our hotel was INCREDIBLE. I have the hotel linked.


This hotel was absolutely beautiful and half a block from the ocean. We quickly made some coffee that was provided in each room and ate some snacks before heading to the beach. Here are some pics of the room and the beach!


After swimming and enjoying our beautiful hotel we got dressed up for the most romantic and beautiful dinner of our lives. We called an Uber and then arrived at the most beautiful restaurant called Sirena Oceanfront. Here We experienced a full 4 course meal at sunset on the beach.


I can’t tell you enough of how beautiful this experience was. The food was outstanding as well as the sunset and service. If you want to be treated like a queen: go here! The staff is so kind. Here is some pictures of our food and our time there. We were there for over 3 hours and just enjoyed the slow but abundance of food.


After a fun packed day full of sunshine and delicious food we went back to Condado Plus in San Juan and got a good night’s rest.

Day 2-We woke up early this morning so enjoy pool time at Condado Plus before anyone else came. The pool and hot tub are so lovely!


This hotel had a giant hot tub and pool to swim in as well as a bunch of lounge chairs. We enjoyed our time just the two of us.

After enjoying an hour or two from the pool we decided to get some smoothies and walk to the beach and enjoy the warm ocean water. This was so lovely and the smoothies tasted great. They are just two blocks from the hotel. If you stay at Condado Plus, the workers will direct you to this fruit stand.


After this sunny and fun time we decided it was time to go to Old San Juan. A place that every Pinterest post said to go to. I thought it would be cool but I was blown away of just how beautiful this town was. The vibrant colored buildings and the historical spots were truly amazing. I was blown away by this town and we spent hours there. We met up with friends here who joined us on the trip and started off exploring Old San Juan by exploring El Morro National Monument which was a historic site that you can not miss!

El Morro Fort

Now I won’t spoil the history regarding this fort but all I can say is you definitely have learned about it in history class. I was amazed about how much history I actually knew about here! The fort was about a mile walk but it was warm and sunny and we didn’t mind at all.


Honestly after this walk we were STARVING! So we decided it was time for a yummy local cuisine. I don’t remember where we ate but there is food every block so you won’t miss it. We also bought some iced coffee before continuing to explore Old San Juan. The coffee shop was called Cafe Finca Cialitos.


A street you simply can’t miss is De La Fortaleza Street. This street used to have a bunch of umbrellas but now has the PR flag which is a really cool site. There are also a ton of restaurant, a piñata colada shop, coffee, and beautiful colored buildings there.


The last place we stopped at in Old San Juan was this beautiful mural that has a lot of history to it. I attached an article for you to read and it also has the address for you to check out!


Now after a longgggg day we took an Uber to Fajardo-where all the tours we went on were! We stayed at an Airbnb in the middle of Fajardo where we played games that evening. Ps bring card games to play!

Day 3-Here was our first official tour. it was a half day snorkel tour to an island. They provided food and drinks and a whole

lot of fun! I have linked the company below.


Wow this day was so much fun! We snorkeled for hours, the boys played football on the island, and we ate a ton of delicious snacks. This was truly such a beautiful adventure that I treasure so much. If you visit PR you must do this! The water was unbelievable.


After this day of fun we arrived to the Marina around 3pm. We still had a lot of time left in the day so we googled beaches in the area. We found a beach called Seven Seas Beach. This beach was very unique and in order to get there you have to walk a mile through a hidden path. It was definitely worth it!

Seven Seas Beach

After this long day we walked to a restaurant but because of Covid we couldn’t find too much open so we ended up going to a restaurant in the back of a liquor store. It was random but delicious! This trip I wish I could add more restaurants but truth be told we ate a bunch of snacks throughout the trip rather than big sit down meals as we were on the go a lot. When we got back from the Airbnb we were tired and wet as their was a rainstorm. We set up our phone with a mini projector and watched Jumanji. This evening was my favorite. we laughed a lot and it was nice to relax.


Day 4-this day we had a double booked tour which lasted all day long. The first tour we had was an adventure rainforest tour. Our driver picked us up and we drove to El Yunque National Rainforest. This tour lasted from 10am-3:00pm. We thought it was going to be an easy going hike but it was a lot more adventurous than we had expected! I highly recommend it.


On this hike we climbed up a rope, went down a natural rock waterslide, cliff jumped, and went on a rope swing. It was 85 and sunny outside so it was nearly perfect. At the end of the tour the guide cut up fruit for us and we ate the best mango I have ever had!


I really liked that we wore life jackets the whole time because between all of the activities, I felt very safe! Cliff jumping is much better for me knowing I had a life jacket!


After this adventure our tour guide took us to a local restaurant. They definitely know what people enjoy the most after a full day of hiking! I ordered Mofongo. This is a traditional PR dish that was packed with flavor. I don’t have a picture of my meal as I was so hungry I ate it ASAP but here is me at the restaurant.

Me and my snack lunchbox I carried around all trip

After this break our tour guide took us to the next portion of our tour: Bioluminescent Bay.

There are only a few of these bays in the whole world and PR is the home of three of them. I wasn’t able to get too many photos because it’s so dark, it’s almost impossible to take a photo of without the best camera possible.


After this kayak tour, our tour guide took us all the way back to San Juan where we started our trip. This was about a 45 min drive. As expected, we were so hungry. PR has a strict curfew due to Covid. Everyone MUST be in their hotel or home at 11pm. Since we arrive to San Juan around 9:45 everything was closed down restaurant. The only restaurant that wasn’t closed was: Burger King!! So that was our dinner. Then we played games and went to bed.

Day 5-Our final day. I was so not ready to go home but I was so very excited for this day. Noah and I had a pool day pass with Courtyard Marriott Isla Verde. This was the definition of relaxation.


This location seriously was the definition of paradise. This resort has a bunch of pools, hot tubs, food to eat, and iguanas lol! We ate pizza and swam for hours.

The weather was a perfect 85 and sunny day. I may be biased but their pop was my favorite!! Something about pizza and pop on a sunny pool day.

After hanging out around the pool for hours we decided we wanted to go swim in the ocean which was about 20 feet from the pool. This was our final event before changing and heading to the airport. Going back and forth from the pool to the ocean makes a perfect vacation!

All in all, this was one of my favorite vacations ever! Enjoying it with friends/family and seeing some new sights was incredible. If you want to visit anywhere in the world I suggest PR. I have linked all tours and hotels here too :)

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