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Updated: Apr 22, 2021


When I heard about these shoes I instantly was so excited! Finally sustainable shoes that are incredibly comfortable. I read all about VIVAIA‘s mission and I am so intrigued! On their website the mission is this:

“VIVAIA was founded with a mission – a mission to create stylish and sustainable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible. With a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people around us, we have successfully created a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price”

In reading this I found that VIVAIA provides exactly that! The shoes are so comfortable, cute, and eco friendly! I wear my pair all day at work and find that my feet are nice and comfy.

Next VIVAIA mission statement is this below:

”At VIVAIA, we focus on creating shoes that are comfortable to wear and incredibly stylish, fusing modern technology with sustainable practices for the ultimate in eco-friendly footwear”

Some of the key features of the shoes are that they are breathable and machine washable! The latex in the shoe is natural and you won’t get that icky odor smell! The material is recycled And eco friendly. Lastly, the insole arch support provides stability!

Hearing all of this, I am sure this has convinced you: go out and buy a pair today!

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