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Hi guys! Another day, another blog post!

I wanted to write a blog about Yukonola Granola. This is the absolute best granola I have ever had in my life!🙌🏼

The reason that I decided to make a blog post about Yukonola is because it’s my go to every day granola and it’s so deserving of a post.

Every morning I make a smoothie with bananas, mixed frozen fruit, chia seeds, and water. This is my base. I then put a large handful of granola and make a delicious smoothie bowl!

This smoothie bowl is my power breakfast. The flavor I have purchased is Tropical Paradise. This flavor is a fruity mix that includes coconut flakes. I LOVE coconut flakes.

What is unique about Yukonola is that it is healthy granola! In fact, Yukonola is made in small batches with superstar superfood organic ingredients that are easily recognized and pronounced. It’s made with no shortcuts taken, no weird additives or fillers, and of course no refined sugar. When I read this on the website I was in awe! I knew I needed this granola. Since it is packed with flavor, and good for me, it became my daily granola.

The creator of this granola has such a beautiful story. Unlike other granolas that simply are for profit, Yukonola has such passion and purpose with a story behind it.

Yuko (the founder) wrote this on Yukonola website and I wanted to share:

“When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I knew it was time to embrace a cleaner diet, not just for myself but for my whole family. But as a self-proclaimed foodie, I wasn’t about to sacrifice on taste. Frustrations and letdowns in the grocery store inspired me to get in the kitchen and create something that was health-forward but also lip-smacking delicious.

I began to explore the limitless culinary possibilities of granola – a powerhouse snack option that also happened to be one of my son’s favorites. Since I knew that most granolas on the market were loaded with refined sugars, I set out to go against the grain and reinvent this beloved pantry staple. Soon, Yukonola was born, a healthy granola with a commitment to quality, enjoyment and sound nutrition.

It proves that in a crazy world, less can actually be more – less artificial and more beneficial, that is. And you can still count on delightful flavor and irresistible texture in every crunchy bite”.

This story and Yuko’s heart behind creating Yukonola is truly amazing. If you enjoy granola like me. Check it out! I have the website linked below!

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